Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What stories?

When my Mom was still active, and spent a lot of time on a computer, we suggested that she writes down her stories. Maybe not exactly a memoir, but just writing down some of the things that happened to her and to people in her life: some of these stories were sad, some were funny, and there were so many stories she told us!

She always said she will do it, just not yet, later. Well, she never did, “later “ was confused, painful, dragged, and then it ended one January morning with her holding mine and my daughter’s hands and opening her eyes for the very last time, as if to take us in with her to the other side.

I want to tell her stories. And now I have stories of my own, too, so this is my way of fulfilling my Mom’s promise….

Just how often were you told “just wait till you have children of your own, you will understand then”? That was mostly while nagging. I must have heard it a thousand times. I never understood, not even when I had a daughter of my own!

The other saying that I’ve heard often was “you just wait till you lose your Mother”, and was used when I protested against constant nagging over things that I probably should have done without having to be nagged!

Thinking about it… this one was as in "you will miss the nagging, because you will miss your Mother"!

Yeah, sometimes I do. I miss my Brother, too, but that's another story.
The picture here is of my Mother and my Brother, back in the early 1960s.

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